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The best wig for lazy mamas

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I chopped my past shoulder length hair off 2 years ago. Since then I have chopped it off two more times switching up the style. My goal for 2021 was to grow my hair back out. I learned a lot about my natural hair these past two years and I found that I was doing too much to it. I have always loved wigs even when my hair was long. I love them because when I want a certain color or cut, I can have it without the commitment. Wearing wigs is a great alternative for switching up your hairstyles easily and slaying at the last minute. I always said that I didn’t want to fall in the mommy hole of “letting myself go”. Well life happens and at one point I did. Once I dragged myself out of my last episode of depression, I made it a point to make sure I kept myself up the way I used to but in a way that was easier for me to manage. When you feel sexy and confident it definitely can boost your mood!

Wigs give me the creative freedom I need to express myself with my hair and also protect my natural hair while it is growing out. Don’t get me wrong; there is a wrong way to wear wigs that will cause damage t your hair. I tried lace front wigs and I was not a fan of gluing the wig to my head. I mainly wear glueless wigs or wigs with bangs that are throw and go. Throw and go means, take the wig off the mannequin, put it on and handle business. As a mom and small business owner, I do not have a lot of time to commit to getting ready to leave the house when I need to run errands or if I need to step out quickly. However, I do not want to leave the house looking busted either. Wigs have literally saved me from being late to my lash appointments and events with friends. Sometimes styling wigs can be time consuming and challenging; especially when you are not that great of a hair stylist like me. People always ask me what can’t I do? I reply HAIR! ya girl can’t do hair. Ya girl can’t even cornrow okay!? My hair is still pretty short, so I am not able to pull it up into a bun, do most crochet braid hairstyles, or attach a pony tail. I started looking for something besides head wraps that would be convenient, easy to style, could protect my natural hair, and slay at the same time! I discovered headband wigs! They are pretty trendy at the moment and you will notice a lot of people are starting to wear them. They legit are the bomb and a gamer changer for the wig industry and mom life!

One of my favorite sites to purchase my wigs from is Luvme Hair! They offer a huge selection of great quality wigs in different trendy styles and colors.

Here are some reasons to add a headband wig to your collection:

  • They are great wigs for beginners who are new to wearing wigs & Lazy mama friendly
  • You need absolutely No Glue! There is No Lace to cut or dye, and they look Super Realistic when style properly
  • You need Zero hair Skills to be able to put this wig on. The Install takes a few minutes after you put your wig cap on and/or lay your edges
  • The wig is breathable & the headband is comfortable because you can adjust it as needed
  • You can style it into a Ponytail or Bun
  • Affordably Priced compared to traditional lace front wigs,
  • They look Gorgeous
  • Luvme Hair gives you 5 Extra Trendy Headbands For Free when you purchase a headband wig from them

So let’s jump into the wig that Luvme Hair sent me to review!

I love the packaging!!!!! The wig came in a pretty purple box tied with a bow. Inside the wig is in a nice bag and also had some extra goodies in the box! A edge brush/comb, bobby pin, hair ties, a cute scarf for laying your edges down, extra headbands, a cute storage pouch for accessories, tweezers, a wig cap, and a blinged out Luvme Hair clip! There are also instructions for wearing the wig and taking care of it!

I took the wig out of the packaging and put it on my mannequin head. These style wigs are best to finger comb but you can lightly comb it if needed. The length, color, and density for this unit was on point!

After inspecting the wig, I brushed my hair back and put on a wig cap

Once I put the wig on, I adjusted the headband straps. The black band is sewn to the hair and is how you attach it to your head. There are also combs located inside of the wig to secure it. Be sure not to make the headband too tight because this can cause damage and headaches. You can’t be cute and uncomfortable!

Once I adjusted the wig to the position I wanted, I put on one of the headbands that Luvme Hair included

Headband wigs do offer versatility. You can wear it down, in a pony tail, in a ballerina bun or my fav, a messy bun! You can show your edges that’s up to you, but depending on the style, I cover mine.

So that’s it yall! Headband wigs are the best wig option for lazy mamas and this unit from Luvme Hair is a winner! These wigs can last a good while as long as you properly take care of them. So get out there and slay mamas and do it effortlessly!

If you want to buy this particular unit, click here! It’s currently limited edition, and wig prices vary depending on the length you buy. Luvme does accept Afterpay, it’s a payment plan option if you are on a budget; because we all know kids are expensive and wigs are an investment!

To learn more about the other beautiful wigs Luvme Hair has to offer, you can visit them via one of the links below!

Website: https://shop.luvmehair.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/luvmehair
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/luvmehair
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/msluvmehair

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Do you wear wigs? Have you tried a headband wig yet? Let’s chat! Leave me a comment!

Susie Not So Homemaker


So we just built this incredibly beautiful new home and it is pretty big. I am not saying this to brag, but in comparison to what we just moved out of, this house is like a mansion to me. Now that we are almost settled in and it’s been one full month of us living in what is now called home, I have quickly realized my old cleaning schedule is not going to work here. Since you will see me mention this A LOT that I am a mama to 5 cubs and I am a stay at home mama; I want to throw out one little tidbit about me. I am lazy when it comes to domesticated shxt. I hate laundry, I hate cleaning, I hate doing the dishes…domestic chores period I hate doing them.

For some cleaning their home is therapeutic. For this lady, cleaning my home is a pain in the ass. I have learned that with more space comes more cleaning. More places to put shxt and clutter accumulates fast. So if you are like me, you hate “house day” and try to avoid it by all means…Until you have company coming over.

IDK about you, but I know I do some seriously amazing cleaning right before company comes over. Depending on who it is, depends on how much I clean. Now some of my buddies know I have kids and expect shxt to be all over the place. Others wonder how do I keep such a tidy house with a house full of Gremlins? Now everyone’s idea of what is clean varies so my tidbits are more so one size fits all to get the point across. Before I became a wife I was a shove it somewhere if it fits and be done kinda cleaner. However, meeting my husband and actually moving in and living together changed my cleaning habits. You never know someone until you live with them and we both had different perceptions of what clean is. For example, I will leave papers from school everywhere. Post it notes, hoodies, shoes etc you name it. To my husband that is considered clutter and unclean. For me I see it as okay, I don’t feel like putting it back, or I was going to put it back but got distracted. For me, I can’t stand food to be left out, dishes in the sink, and dusty furniture. To me that is unclean.

Since I have been a stay at home mom, I have had to alter my cleaning schedule several times. This has been in part to moving, being pregnant all the damn time, being in school, working on my custom cakes orders, and well life in general (I am lazy). I have sort of developed some habits that help me keep a tidy home despite having a football team running around all day. Contrary to the popular belief, you can have a clean home even with children in the house. It is a little annoying since I have a big family, some people assume my house stays a mess. At times, yes it does look like a tornado hit the inside and I don’t care.


My turning point with this domestic stuff came with purchasing this home. Since we are paying good money for this joint, we need to take care of it and have pride in it. It’s too pretty to have it left in shambles. A few of my friends and readers have inquired about how I keep things running smoothly in the cleaning department so I decided to write this blog to share some of the things I do to help keep the house clean with a large family.

Things I do that help keep the house tidy and prevent me from having to deep clean

  1. Minimize things: There seems to be a new fad with living a minimalist lifestyle. You go with the bare necessities and nothing extra. Well this mama likes to shop so that kind of lifestyle doesn’t really work for me in some aspects. I tried it with clothes and shoes and that was an epic fail lol. However, it does work when it comes to furnishings. We have plenty of furniture but each room is not completely wall to wall furniture. Sometimes less is more. I bake a lot, so I had minimized my cake supplies. I had 4 or 5 different sets of measuring cups and spoons, so I downsized to only 2 sets now.
  2. Multipurpose cleaners: These will be your friend and save you a lot of money. Keep certain cleaning supplies in the areas where they are most often used. Since we have multiple bathrooms, I stocked the cabinets with the cleaning supplies I use for cleaning the toilet, mirrors etc. As always be sure to lock up your poisons so that the little ones don’t get into them.
  3. Baby wipes: Baby wipes are a multi-purpose commodity around these parts. I use them to quickly wipe off counters, high chairs etc.
  4. Shoe racks by the door: I have a large shoe rack by the front door and one also located in the mudroom. This keeps you from tracking dirt throughout the house
  5. You mess it up, you clean it up: Whoever made the mess cleans it simple as that.
  6. Clean as you go: While cooking or baking, I clean as I prepare the food. Immediately after I clean the stove and counter space surrounding it.
  7. Put dishes up first thing in the morning, load the dishwasher throughout the day, run it at the end of the night: Keeps dishes from piling up in the sink and keeps them from being forgotten.
  8. Pick two to three days out of the week to vacuum, dust, and sweep
  9. Laundry day system is located here Laundry Sucks
  10. Speed clean every day: Set a timer for 10 mins and clean as much as you can. Each day pick a different room or area to focus on.
  11. Put on music while you clean: It makes you more productive and makes you want to keep up and get moving.
  12. Daily shower cleaner spray: This is the best invention ever! After you get out of the shower spray this stuff, and walk away and BAM! It’s like the shower cleans itself.
  13. Press-N-Seal plastic wrap: Use this in the fridge to line the shelves. Makes clean-up a breeze. Replace as needed.
  14. Socks for cleaning the baseboards: You know those cheap fuzzy super soft socks in the dollar section at Target during the holidays? The ones that kind of feel like a microfiber cloth? Those make great baseboard cleaners! Slip on a pair and rub your feet along the baseboard to quickly dust.
  15. Disinfect toys in the dishwasher: Your dishwasher is one of the most time saving inventions ever. Toys that can go in the dishwasher without being damaged or easily filled with water can be effectively disinfected by running them through the dishwasher instead of hand wiping them off. Speaking of disinfecting toys, spraying them with Lysol works as well to kill surface bacteria and viruses, however, if you have little ones that put things in their mouth this can be unpleasant and expose them to chemicals.

Another thing I do that seemed to work is having a cleaning schedule that was not overwhelming. If it is simple, you will be more inclined to stick with it.

Here is an example of my previous “deep” cleaning schedule:

  • Monday-Kitchen and Do 1 or 2 loads of laundry start to finish
  • Tuesday-Foyer and Living Room
  • Wednesday-Bathrooms and bedrooms
  • Thursday-Hallway and baseboards
  • Friday-Bedrooms and Do 1 or 2 loads of laundry start to finish
  • Saturday-off day or clean as needed
  • Sunday-Kitchen and bathrooms, Do 1 or 2 loads of laundry start to finish, and prepare clothes for the week

If all else fails, watch an episode of Hoarders. When I lack the motivation to clean, I just cut on an episode of Hoarders and I guarantee you will clean your house after that.

Now that I have shared with you some of my cleaning tidbits, I would love to hear from you! What are some of the cleaning hacks that save you time and keep your home tidy?