Monthly Archives: July 2020

Long time no write

Hey ya’ll! *blows dust off blog*

I have been super duper busy with life these past few months. I totally neglected this blog. I am back bitches! As you can see, logo change to fit mamas current image and such, but same name. Corona Virus has been a big bitch slap to life but we are maintaining.I do miss my weekly Target and Starbucks trips really bad. I had a hard time adjusting at first but things eventually got better.

So to catch you up,

Kali and Kendall are fully potty trained! Thanks to Covid’s bitch ass, I had a hard time finding diapers for Kendall and the twins. So I was forced to potty train her. We had a few accidents but all went smoothly. The twins are doing great BTW. I have been a twin mom for 2 years now. crazy shit! It is weird but it feels right. In terms of my mental health, I have had some bad days but mostly good ones. My combination of meds are working great. Only thing that got fucked up was my sleep schedule. I was taken off the insomnia meds, only to get put back on them. It’s ok, taking 5 meds per day is something you get used to and don’t pay much attention to it once you’ve accepted it and it is apart of your routine.

My beau graduated college finally which was a huge step towards our future plans. Cameron is in his last year of elementary school and Kali got accepted into Pre-K…..But thanks to bitch ass Covid, they all will be online for school once it starts back next month. It kind of sucks but I know with patience, coffee, and plenty of wine we will survive the first semester.