Salt Life: The Glow Up

Those who know me, know that I can be very analytical, caring, and pretty structured all while being unstable (ha-ha). I am opinionated, strong willed, and compassionate. I do lose my shxt sometimes like most human beings, but usually I have it all together. I make sure my kid’s needs are met and they are happy. My marriage is thriving and so am I.  I don’t neglect myself for the sake of my family. Sorry not sorry. Every year, usually towards the end of the year I make a real talk post. This year has been pretty interesting on the social front I must admit. I am glad that this year has flown by and it is almost over. Every year I summarize my year using one word. This year’s word is covetous. 42b980fe8f19f6656e92370795e61766

One thing I learned early on in life is to never be envious or jealous of what other people have. You never know what they went through to obtain what they have or struggles they went through to reach whatever point they are at in their life. I never really thought about it much until recently, that some people are just…well miserable. Miserable people desire everyone else to be miserable as well. Misery truly loves company. So many people don’t believe in real meaningful and healthy relationships because theirs aint shit…yes I said aint. People want others to suffer because they are suffering. People don’t want you to have what they don’t have. People want others to be unhappy because they aren’t happy. The list goes on and on. Then you have those who are too busy focusing on what the next person has or lacks instead of focusing on how they can better their own personal situation. Stop trying to be like everyone else. Stop trying to have what other people have. Be yourself! At some point you have to be content with your life and your possessions and when you reach that point, you won’t even have time to focus on what the next person is doing.

“A Glowing Woman Can Help Other Women Glow And Still Be Lit”


Chances are, other people are not paying you any attention anyway. People go out of their way to impress those who don’t matter. Friendships should never be competitive. If you find yourself in that type of relationship, first check yourself. Stop trying to force friendships and relationships. People usually show you their true side once….believe them and leave that shxt alone. If you don’t find yourself getting excited when your friends and associates get good news, share a win in life etc then you need to exit to the left because you don’t have that person’s best interest. I have noticed that mainly other females have this invisible competitive side where they think they have to do things a certain way or one up the next woman. Girl, stop your shxt and live your life. Do you think people who truly live their best life worry about other people? No. They do their best and do their own thing to their own beat. They don’t look at how other people are dancing and copy the dance moves.553718c969b6583d782debc5d2fc3056I don’t understand why it is such a bad thing to be a likable person? I have had several people make remarks about the vibes I give off and how people gravitate towards me naturally. I don’t think I am a very friendly person to be honest with y’all. However, I am always down for meeting new people, networking etc. I just like being around good people. It bothers folks. Don’t be bothered by the amount of love a person receives especially if you aren’t willing to give them that type of love. But, you can’t be upset when they get it from other people. We all have something different to offer. I truly believe in people being in your life for a reason or seasons. Don’t try to hang on to negative people because of quantity. Focus on quality. Quality friends and associates over an abundance of friends and associates.

Life has been so funny lately. We have had our fair share of monkey wrenches thrown into our lives, but we have consistently made it. I don’t get down with wishing bad on people. That is karma’s job. You don’t get ahead in life being ugly to people. You don’t receive favor in life being hateful. You don’t get ahead in life being covetous. Don’t focus on how green the grass is on the other side, focus on what kind of shxt you are using to fertilize your grass. Love yourself girl. Love the people in your life. Self love is the best love. You don’t find self love by looking at how pretty, fit, rich, poor, fat, skinny, happy, depressed, or educated someone else is. You don’t find self love being bitter because someone else is winning. You don’t find self love copying others either. Be yourself. I am sure someone loves you the way you are.  frogs-1176219_960_720They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. This is complete bullshxt. Stop telling people this shxt. It isn’t. This is why people think it is okay to be something they aren’t. Jealousy in females comes from comparison, competition and the fear of losing things. This can be mates, friends, and possessions. Women tend to be more jealous than men in a large range of situations, and seem to suffer more from emotional jealousy. Other females are also more likely to feel jealous when another woman is attractive. This can be personality wise and physically. Science has proven that women feel threatened by other women who they think look better than them etc. Don’t compare yourself to another woman. Low self esteem is a bxtch. If it is eating you up that bad do something about it. Change your appearance. Put in effort and boost your confidence hun. There is nothing wrong with wearing make-up, not wearing make-up, keeping your hair done, keeping your hair in a messy bun. Do you boo. We are all beautiful in our own way. If you don’t care about your appearance, that is your business. You may just like looking like a sack of shxt. I have my days where I do. But it is not fair to treat another woman like shxt or make snide remarks because she gives a damn.


Mommies are fickle creatures. It seems to be trendy to be a jealous mommy. Stop being covetous of your mom friends and other females in general and realize that the problem is yourself not them. Stop focusing on how other people keep their shxt. Jealousy can ruin friendships. I have seen it happen and have had it happen. Being covetous is a bad combination of rage, possessiveness, distrust, and insecurity.  If you find yourself feeling covetous, use your feelings to help you understand yourself and where you would like to improve your own shxt.

Mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy

Until next time,Breyona



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