NICU Life: Lessons

It's been almost 4 weeks and the girls are still in the NICU. I have been trying to stay busy to make the time go by faster and to not be idle. If I become idle, then I will start feeling under the weather. I need to be in a good mood for the other … Continue reading NICU Life: Lessons

The “Easy” Way Out

**This is a lengthy post** So this isn't going to be your typical super cute and perfect birth story full of professional vibrant dramatic photography and dainty cute details. This birth story will have camera phone pics and plenty to read. I personally find birth stories to be a bit meh and I am not … Continue reading The “Easy” Way Out

K.I.S.S Recipe: Shrimp and Lemon Oil Pasta

* my adaptation of Giada De Laurentiis Recipe for Linguine with shrimp and lemon oil * This is dish is something special that I make, that my beau absolutely loves. This is coming from a guy who wasn't much of a seafood and veggie eater before he met yours truly. The first time I made … Continue reading K.I.S.S Recipe: Shrimp and Lemon Oil Pasta