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2nd trimester recap: Baby 6&7


This won’t be a lengthy post, but it is a overdue post since I am about 5-6 weeks away from delivery now lol! So my second trimester wasn’t really any better than the first. Things got crazy and I definitely have gotten bigger.

The 2nd trimester starts once you hit week 14 in your pregnancy and lasts until week 27. I have been trying to keep up with the weekly pics but sometimes I forget, and my 8 year old actually reminds me. He is my little photographer. I decided to make him my designated picture taker for the most part to give him something to do so that he can be involved with the pregnancy. Everyone is involved in some way. From the pics I am going to share below you will see how things quickly once again blew up overnight just as they did in the first trimester ( First Trimester Recap: Baby #6. )




For the most part my cravings have stayed pretty consistent. Donuts, honeybuns, cookies, Jimmy John sandwiches, plus the addition of Starburst jelly beans, Dairy Queen’s chicken fingers, and vanilla Cokes. It’s not the healthiest shxt but I am going to enjoy my last pregnancy. Now I don’t pig out on my cravings, I nibble until I am satisfied and keep it moving.


I was taking the powder form of my prenatal vitamins that can be added to any juice or liquid, but I had to switch to the regular pill form because of some concerns. The powder was giving me what I would need normally in a regular pregnancy, but with twins you need double of everything. It was either drink two servings of the powder a day (which is more costly than regular pills) or switch back to pills in addition to the powder. So since I hate swallowing pills, I take those first thing in the morning, and later mid day I take the powder vitamins.

Baby Preperations

We took full advantage of the going out of business sale Babies “R” Us had and got all of our big ticket items as well as some smaller items. We made out like bandits. We were able to score two slim fit all in 1 car seats for the babies, a sweet Graco double stroller, two high chairs, bottles, pacifiers, bibs, a few layettes bouncers, rock n plays etc and spent a little over $800 for everything.


Now it may seem like a lot to some people, but to those who have had to buy for multiples it was a big steal considering the carseats we were originally planning to buy that would fit in my Yukon would have cost us $600 for two by themselves.


Our friends and associates have been sending gifts still since the gender reveal (Plot twist), which we are very grateful for. I think the girls have more clothes than everyone in the house now!


There will be another post dedicated to must have twin items that will be integrated into a must have baby items for large families blog in the future.

Aches and Pains

The discomfort is real. I had to buy a maternity support belt to help with the bad back, hip and leg pain. The leg cramps are horrible. Sometimes it is hard to get out of bed, off the couch and walking up the stairs sucks big time. I have to take my time to move from place to place and walk at a slower pace. You tend to be very off balance because of the extra weight, so I try not to stand up too fast. I have fallen once or twice from my balance being off but luckily I didn’t get hurt. My boobs ofcourse are still growing and are achy. One weird thing I am having this time is itchy nipples! I had to ask my doctor about this crap because WebMD will have you thinking you are about to die; but he assured me it’s pretty common and is from the skin stretching and becoming more sensitive. I literally want to scratch my nipples off and throw them in the trash with how much they itch. To alleviate the itching, I am using nipple cream (Boob Ease), the same stuff I use for breastfeeding and pumping.

20180415_201946 (1)

Maternity Clothes

I hate all clothes including underwear…clothes are stupid

Sexy Time

A few have asked if we are still sexually active and the answer is ofcourse! why wouldn’t we be!? Since I got big faster this time around, things are a bit challenging position wise lol. Lots of pillows and limitations to about a good 3 or 4 positions lol. I feel huge and unattractive; so my confidence did dip a bit because I am at the biggest I have ever been in my LIFE. But, my beau assures me I am beautiful, still sexy and that he loves the hell out of me. I haven’t had my sex drive tank, but my energy is total shxt. So if we are going to make sexytime it has to be when mama is still awake because if things don’t get started in that window of opportunity I am going to hibernate like a bear. Speaking of hibernating and sexy time. The insomnia got pretty bad, so I take something for sleeping per the doctors orders. Sleep is very important when you are pregnant whether it is a singleton or multiple pregnancy. So my nights of insomnia usually end with me getting the party started with my beau and it’s cured….DJM.


The 2nd trimester has been pretty eventful. Babe A is growing like a weed and Babe B is on her own little time and is growing a bit slower. The doctors became concerned when they saw that she was significantly smaller. We declined ALL genetic testing With twins, one is usually a little bigger than the other, but the doctors like to see the babies on a certain curve where they fall into a certain percentile on the chart. Babe B was in the 6th percentile, and they like to see babies above the 10th. With this new found concern, my appointments picked up way sooner than expected.

I was supposed to still be on every 3 to 4 week visits but it immediately turned into visits every two weeks. With twin pregnancies, your weekly visits usually start once you hit the 3rd trimester and then once you hit 32 weeks they are twice a week visits. Well guess what? This girl has been going to the OBGYN and specialist twice a week since the mid 2nd trimester. It has not been fun at all. Lots of copays, exams, questions, driving back and forth etc. The perk, we get to see our girls every week until D-day! I don’t want to go into too much detail here because I need to save a lot for the 3rd trimester recap blog as it comes to an end in the next few weeks… so I am going to leave it at that.

Keep Sending good vibes our way!