Snowed In

Surviving unexpected snow days in he south

If you know me then you know I am not a big fan of cold weather. One thing I love about living in the South, there is a variety of weather with limitations. We usually don’t have “true winters” and you don’t need much on to stay warm. However, when the weather does decide to be truly bipolar, we get it all. Tropical storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, sleet, rain and meteor showers and snow. Now snow in the South is a bad thing. Kids love it and a select few adults enjoy it. In the South, snow/ice/freezing rains/extreme low temps (20 and below) means shut the state down. Yes, a measly 1-2 inches of snow will completely shut down the state of Georgia. Now before you mention “where you used to live” or “where you live you get 1000000000000 million feet of snow” and “that’s nothing” etc, most southerners don’t care. We don’t drive well in those conditions because we aren’t used to. No, we will not go out and buy an abundance of “snow supplies” for something that does not even happen every year.

We had a few false alarms, but on January 16th these warnings were not BS as they have been in the previous weeks. We woke up on the 17th to snow and a good heap of it (southern slang). This mama, was not happy about it. For starters, I knew it meant no school. Now I am okay with my kids being out of school for safety concerns and such since I used to be an EMT; but I am not for being unprepared food wise. See my bundle of mayhem likes to eat, and they eat A LOT. I have my set days for grocery shopping and this is usually budgeted in advance and preplanned. Well the snow came days before I was set to go make my rounds and schedule my grocery delivery.


Hubby was the first one up and he looked out the window and all I heard him say was “damn”. I thought, okay whatever it didn’t do anything. WRONG. I got up and looked and saw everything covered in this icey white nightmare known as snow. As soon as the kids got up and saw it they were beyond excited. We have been in our new home since last July, this was our first snow in our new home. It was also Cody’s, Kali’s, Kendall’s and our pitbull Tiki’s first snow. I was super pregnant with Cody when Atlanta had the snowpocalypse of 2014. I was praying I didn’t go into labor because there was literally thousands of people stranded on the expressways and in ditches. Kennedy got to experience her first snow then, and this was Cameron’s 3rd one, so he was a little excited.

I got myself ready. I didn’t plan on being out there very long because well snow sucks.


I was able to put my $150 Hunter rain boots to use finally lol and they didn’t let me down. If I am going to freeze might as well be stylish!


Tiki loved the snow. She played in it, tossed it in the air and nipped at it as the kids threw a few snowballs at her. Kendall, we basically dragged her Minnie Mouse chair outside and let her bask in the ambience for a few mins, then took her back inside.


I tried to snap a good group pic but the bundle of mayhem complained about being cold.


As you can see the excitement of snow was quickly over with. They played in it a little, but my kids finally came to the same conclusion I did, snow sucks.


After about a good 10-15 mins outside the meltdowns began and it was time to go back in the house. I figured this would happen…



Once we were inside, we cut on the fireplace and made hot cocoa with marshmallows to warm everyone up and snuggled up with some books.


Me and my beau embraced the snow and used it as a cute photo op since we didn’t take any pics together in 2014. Plus I did my brows. I don’t waste good makeup.




All of them were cute except this one. One downside to being four eyes, is your glasses fog up when you go from hot to cold etc.


The kids ended up missing several days from school and it was def overwhelming. It was cute at first but progressively everyone started to annoy each other and the boredom level was on 100. We did make some good memories and I know for sure next time this mama will try to be more prepared. It’s a good thing the “damage” was already done because winter weather is baby making weather.


Tips for unexpected snow days

  1. Try to plan ahead as much as possible. Some states get warnings ahead of time but for Georgia it’s usually a wait and see what happens kind of deal. Try to have a plan in place for childcare if you can not miss work. It is always good to utilize your tribe and help each other out. My husband is a firefighter so calling out isn’t an option in most cases. Keep a nicely stocked emergency kit that can be used for all weather conditions. Include batteries, flashlights, bottled water, snacks etc. Most of the time when snow or ice is in the forecast southerners run out and buy up all of the bread, milk, and eggs. IDK why but they do. Shoot for water, snacks that won’t spoil quick such as trial mix, and things to do to stay entertained.
  2. Print off worksheets. If your kiddos get a little unruly or bored of their toys etc then head to the computer and print them off some worksheets. There are several sites that offer age appropriate and FREE worksheets and activities to keep them busy. You can use the weather as a teaching moment and learn something together and handson about the snow.
  3. Snacks, snacks, and more snacks. Snacks literally saved the day. Keep snacks. I can not stress this enough when you are a parent. When kiddos are home unexpectedly they tend to eat more than usual because it’s something to do and it’s there. One of the days stuck at home I was not able to get out of the house for several reasons, so I used one of my favorite grocery delivery services (Instacart ) and had supplies and food delivered to my house when it was safe to do so. Be sure to tip your delivery person. Avoid ordering pizza, because you def will be waiting 2 hours or more for pizza because that is the go to meal for most families when there is snow on the ground, no power, and/or limited supplies.
  4. Have plenty of alcohol (skip if you don’t participate in the drinking of the fire water). Wine, beer, liquor, moonshine whatever tickles your taste buds. A good way to stay warm and not lose your shxt once your kiddos start driving you crazy. I couldn’t participate this time around so I did lose my shxt.
  5. If you don’t have to go anywhere stay your axx at home. I can not stress this enough. I saw several people trying to venture out when things were unsafe for stupid reasons and usually this doesn’t end well. I am very uptight about this because I have loved ones who work in public safety. So when you venture out risking your life etc they have to go out and rescue your axx when it doesn’t work out for you, putting them in harm’s way as well. Enjoy your time with your family and make new memories in the comfort of your home.



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