Mom Culture: Coffee

Tired as a mother

Coffee is like one of the most talked about and consumed drinks when you are a mama. Even if you aren’t a parent, you have some idea of how important coffee is to mommies. Some people get it and some don’t understand why almost every mom adores coffee and consumes a butt ton of it.


Well it’s because coffee is awesome that’s why. Everyone who knows me personally and via my blog and social media accounts see that I have a profound love for coffee and wine. Typical mom crap. There are some mommies who don’t understand the fascination with these things and pride themselves on not being coffee and wine addicts (Kuddos to them). However, this mama loves coffee and no I won’t stop talking about how great it is.


Oddly enough, I did not always love coffee. I actually used it hate it and thought it smelled like ass. Back in the day (keep in mind I am only 29), I was a big energy drink consumer. Between EMT school, work and my social life Red Bull gave me plenty of wings. I remember some mornings I would have a nutritious breakfast of a Red Bull and a banana (sense the sarcasm). I also drunk a ton of Coca-Cola’s because lord knows I love those as well. Basically I am not new to the world of caffeine.



After becoming pregnant with our first kid, I immediately cut out all of the bad things. Because I quit cold turkey I experienced the oh so not fun caffeine withdrawal headaches that were borderline the equivalence of having a migraine. I spoke with the nurse and she informed me of what was happening and told me that a little in moderation was okay during the pregnancy but I needed to opt for tea or a small serving of coffee.



I was convinced she was trying to poison me. She suggested coffee. The stuff I always thought smelled like butthole. No thanks.


Fast forward to me having my very first Starbucks drink and it was a wrap, I was hooked. I still consume coffee during my pregnancies but in moderation….moderation for me means getting a Grande instead of a Venti. Some people are afraid of it while they are expecting but let me tell you, a little coffee goes a long way.


We all know that being pregnant shuts down your poop factory so if you have trouble with being constipated during pregnancy, I guarantee you that if you have a cup of coffee you will find relief (because well coffee makes you poop).


Other health benefits of coffee includes: it is good for your heart, it contains antioxidants and doing cocaine is not only dangerous but illegal.


I love the extra burst of let’s get going that I get from it. Hell immediately after I had our 5th baby hubby went right to the Starbucks located in the hospital and got me a drink with a shot of espresso #RELATIONSHIPGOALS


Becoming a mom made me appreciate coffee. It has made me a better person as crazy as that may sound. It puts me in a better mood, it makes me happy, it gives me something to relate to other mamas, it makes me feel like a real grown up (lol) and it has also helped me lose some of my postpartum weight because it naturally curbs my appetite sometimes.


So here’s to all the mamas and daddies who love coffee and consume it on the regular whether it’s by K-cup, cold brew, Starbucks, (or wherever) you my friend are def winning at this parent stuff. Cheers!




5 thoughts on “Mom Culture: Coffee

  1. Michelle says:

    Sometimes I think I’m the only mom who doesn’t love coffee. The wonderful smell takes me back to childhood mornings at Grandma’s, but I can’t manage to drink it without burning my tongue. My seventeen-year-old is gradually converting me, but for the moment I’d rather get my caffeine in diet Coke form.


  2. beehappy says:

    I genuinely love coffee as well! I drank it all through my pregnancies and breastfeeding with no issues! I’ve always liked the taste of a good fresh hot coffee and go to great length to find the right beans and brew. Cheers!


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