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fun Date Night Ideas that are free or cost effective (1)

If you are a millennial like me, going to the movies as a date is played out and pretty much not even fun anymore. With things like Red Box, Netflix and other streaming apps, and not to mention the crazy ticket prices for theaters; going to the movies is just not something that I consider to be fun anymore. Back in the day, going to the movies was the THING to do for a date. Dinner and a movie. Well the millennial generation created this thing called Netflix and chill and that killed the going to the movies vibe. Now some couples might still enjoy going to the movies. However for us, going to the movies is a family thing and usually involves us going to see a kids movie that we either A) Didn’t want to see to begin with but have to because we have 5 kids or B) We want to see it just as bad as the kids because we are kids ourselves at heart.

When you grow up and get to a certain point in your relationship, you have to start being creative. Now my last post dedicated to dating was in regards to having date night at home (The “lit” Marriage: Date Night Ideas). This piece will give you 10 date night ideas to start off with, and I will be sharing more as we go along my blogging journey because I have a TON of ideas to share!

  1. Beer tours & beer festivals : Pretty much anything that involves beer is always a win in my book! If you are in Atlanta, there are plenty of local breweries that have tours that you can go on. You can see how the beer is made and have a tasting as well. If you like it, you also have the option to purchase some! Fill up those growlers! Most states have craft breweries scattered about and all it takes is a quick Google search and boom! Instant lists of small breweries. Most breweries do tours on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and a good bit do them on Mondays as well. Beer festivals are pretty easy to find as well via Facebook, Groupon and by searching Google. We attended one of our favorite annual events at our local zoo called Brew at the Zoo. The tickets were sold in advance and because we have a zoo membership (this is essential when you have kids), the tickets were discounted. We received a tasting cup and a list/map of all of the participating vendors. You could sample as little or much as you liked. It was a good time and by last call I had to be carried to the car by hubby. IMG_20170528_095004_601
  2. Exploring smaller cities/towns square aka downtown areas: The city that we live in has a cute little area that is called The Square by locals. There are several other connecting cities that have similar areas that offer cute little shops, diners and restaurants and great areas for pics! You never know, you might find your next favorite local spot to eat! IMG_20170714_155818_431
  3. Coffee Date: This is good for spur of the moment day dates and evening dates. I love Starbucks and coffee shops in general. That is no secret. The ambience is always cozy and if it is not too busy you might be able to score a nice spot in the corner or on the patio to sip and talk about life and other things. This also works great if you have little ones because you can get them a treat while you two enjoy your coffee. (Remember date night or date day doesn’t ALWAYS have to be an entire day or night or last hours. It can be something as quick and simple as this and still count! )IMG_20170706_170449_265

4. Paintballing: If you are not afraid of taking a few hits go paintballing. This is one of our favorite things to do. It is even better if you can get a group together to go. Bonus if it is other couples because then you can do guys against girls.


5. Gun Range: If guns aren’t your thing then skip this. Going to the gun range can be a good learning experience. If you are new to shooting, most gun ranges offer classes. gunrange

6. Comedy show: We attended Sh!t-Faced Shakespeare at a local comedy club and the tickets were very affordable. I suggest checking Groupon for these kind of deals. We had a great time and it made for a great double date!commedytour.jpg

7. Escape Room: This might not be available in all states, but I know for sure it is in Atlanta. Basically you go to the place (better with a group) and you have to solve puzzles and riddles to gain more clues and escape the room within the time limit (usually 1 hour). Some places have different themes to choose from. This is great for working together and also finding out who is the real brains of the operation. Groupon! Groupon! Groupon! live-escape-game-1155620_960_720

8. Catch a sporting event: One of my FAVORITE things to do is catch a game. Whether it is baseball, football, soccer, wrestling, racing, etc you are always guaranteed to have a good time!  If you aren’t a big fan of sports, this can be a good bonding moment and also a chance for you to learn something new by letting your spouse explain the game to you and vice versa. Be open minded! 20170414_19103320170414_185600

9. Bar crawls: Very fun and great for group dates! Facebook and Groupon usually are the best places to find these. Most have a theme which makes it extra fun! Have a DD or use UBER/LYFT etc because you will likely need a safe ride home! 20170505_191950

10: Try a new restaurant: This kind of piggybacks off of exploring small local businesses. I love food! Trying new foods and restaurants always makes for an interesting experience. I remember the first time we tried Thai food and were caught off guard by the abundance of peanuts in the dish. We had fun throwing them at each other. You might stumble across the best (or worst) burgers in town but it will make for something to talk about. You can also role play like you are food critics and blame whoever idea it was to eat there if it sucks.20170429_173410

So that’s it for now! Just a few ideas with more to come! I hope you can use some of these to switch things up for a change. Be open minded and have fun! If you are going to an event where there is booze involved, always use good judgement, know your limits and make sure you have a safe way home!