Must Have Items I Can Not “Mom” Without: Ergo Baby Carrier


*Ergobaby sent me their new Omni 360 baby carrier to try in exchange for this review. This post contains affiliate links*


Having five kids close together in age can get very hectic at times; especially being a mom who has an infant and two toddlers at the moment. There are many baby items that I can not live without, but my number one is my Ergo baby carrier. I did not decide to baby wear until I had my 4th baby. I was not very well informed on the benefits of baby wearing until I had Kali prematurely at 35 weeks and 5 days. While talking with the lactation consultant, she informed me on some of the benefits of baby wearing such as bonding with the baby. I was immediately interested and started to research baby carriers. After a few hours online and talking with friends, I decided to purchase a Ergobaby carrier. I purchased the original carrier because I fell in love with the marine pattern and the Navy Blue color.


This carrier has served us well the short time we have had it and Kali will be 2 in November. I loved that it had a hood on it for privacy during nursing, or to provide a little shade when it is sunny out. The original carrier can be used from 4-48 months and can accommodate up to 45 pounds. The downside, is that if you want to carry a small infant you will need to purchase the infant insert which is sold separately.


Overall the original carrier is pretty comfy and has lots of straps and buckles to make adjustments for comfort. I carry Kendall, who is 6 months old in the original carrier here and there. However, we mainly use it for Kali when she is being a busy toddler.

We put the Omni carrier to the test of holding our toddler while she played video games with daddy.20170910_182745

Unlike the original carrier which has only 3 carrying positions (You can not forward face carry), the Omni has 4 carrying positions. The Omni 360 carrier’s straps can be worn in a cross cross fashion for a snug fit or H shape. I prefer the H because it is more comfortable to me.


Putting the Omni on was pretty easy. Compared to the original, it did take me a little longer to put on, but once the adjustments were made it was good to go.

The original carrier has a storage pocket that is located behind the baby. It is easy to access but to me it feels awkward being up against my baby’s back


The Omni 360 carrier has a storage pouch located at the bottom of the carrier and can be removed. The hood tucks away so it is not constantly showing as well.


Although I love the pattern on my original carrier, I like the sleek and stylish look of the black Omni 360 carrier. While the patterns are cute and fun, I think the solid color offers a more modern and chic look that will pair well with any outfit.


Even though my baby is a wiggle worm, I didn’t have to worry about her not being secure enough in the Omni 360 carrier. I made sure I read the instruction manual that came with the carrier before I used it.


You can breastfeed while the baby is in either carrier. This was a lifesaver whenever I needed to breastfeed under the radar.

The Omni 360 carrier is very comfortable to wear and allows me to maneuver easily as I go about my day


I love that wearing my baby allows me more freedom to get things done, from prepping yummy desserts (not by open flames etc), to chasing my busy toddler!


All in all the new Omni 360 baby carrier is a winner in my book alongside Ergobaby’s original baby carrier.


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12 thoughts on “Must Have Items I Can Not “Mom” Without: Ergo Baby Carrier

    • The Savage Mom Theory says:

      Yes I usually have her up higher but I am still breast feeding and was in between feedings during pics lol that’s a photo opps


  1. Rachel says:

    Looking great and bet you have a busy life with 5 kids. I have 2 older children and 2 toddlers, one was premature. I used to cart them round in a double pram, which was hard work getting it out the car for school runs. I wish I had turned to ones of these back in the day to of made days easier for me!! Thanks for sharing!!

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