So you wanna blog?: Part ii


Here are some common mistakes that bloggers make. I am guilty of some of these and some are just mistakes other bloggers told me that they have made.

Mistake #1: Comparing your blog to other blogs


Yes blog envy! You see another blog that is beyond amazing, lots of readers etc then you retreat back to your little bitty old raggedy thing of a blog and think what am I doing wrong? Well I go no where comparing my peaches to someone else’s apples and once I stopped doing that, my baby began to grow. I refer to my blog as “my baby” a lot because I am basically raising this thing.

Mistake #2: Not authentically growing your blog

Listen to me when I say this, you will not authentically grow your blog if you try to mimic what others are doing. You will not authentically grow your blog if you cheat. Cheating aka buying followers will backfire especially when you get into branding, influencing, etc. Your likes will not match your number of followers and this will be a turn off. Social media marketing is a science. One that I am still trying to learn, but I am in no rush. Follow the recipe and you will eat. Make shortcuts and you will continue to starve.

Mistake #3: Not putting in the effort or work to authentically grow your blog

Oh yes honey, you have to put in effort to grow a blog. This includes maintaining several social media accounts, posting content on those social media accounts, sharing other bloggers content, interacting with others on those accounts, and advertising your blog (paid for and free).

Mistake #4: Blogging for the wrong reasons

Some people truly blog because they have a passion for writing and want to share their stories with others. And then there are some who purely do it for the money. It’s a paycheck. I blog because I want to. I like sharing with you guys, I like helping others and inspiring others, and because I get bored easily; I needed something new to do. The money etc is just a bonus 🙂 If you blog for the wrong reasons, you will quickly get burnt out and abandon it.

Mistake #5: Expecting to get rich from blogging


Don’t get me wrong, there are some bloggers who are racking up each month, but then there are the smaller ones who make a buck here and there. You can’t expect the money to come to you if you are not willing to do the work point blank. It will not happen over night, but with the right methods and tools, you will be on your way to generating some type of income from blogging even if it is just gas money or Starbucks money 🙂

Mistake #6: Not having a schedule



Have a realistic schedule for your content. I share on social media multiple times a day, and new blog posts on Wednesdays for now. That will change next year. Write posts ahead of time if you can to schedule them for later. This can be basic posts that are short in length or long ones. Sharing pictures, memes, and quotes that are related to your niche keeps your content fresh and engaging in between posts.


If you go into blogging with the right idea in mind you will be successful. If you go into it with the wrong expectations, you will quickly learn that this is a blog eat blog world. What are some mistakes that you have made as a blogger?




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