So you wanna blog?

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Becoming a blogger wasn’t something I have always wanted to do. It basically just happened. I first started blogging on a different site, but found it difficult to use. This is actually my 3rd blogging journey. My last stint at blogging was years ago via YouTube. I grew my following slowly but to about 200 subscribers. This is nothing compared to other vloggers who have thousands and thousands of viewers. I gave up on it because my camera sucked, I did not have a great editing program nor did I want to invest in one. Fast forward to 2016, I decided to jump back into blogging but in written form. People always ask me questions in regards to my life as a stay at home mom, balancing grad school, marriage and other domestic crap. I decided to take this as motivation that I needed to write about my life, and the way I organize mayhem to possibly help or inspire others in mass numbers. I do get tired of repeating myself (I have 5 little cubs), so this let’s me put out my answers and thoughts to common topics in one speech.

Once I hit the ground running and created this site (that still is in the infancy stage of development) I felt a little bit of intimidation and regret. I regretted it as soon as I saw how demanding it was. I have learned a lot so far good and bad, trial and error and such and honestly, it has been fun. This post isn’t a post like others that give you all of the amazing tips to blogging such as how to go from regular hosting to self hosting (I still have no f’n clue what this means), or how to make money from your blog. This post is basically some of the raw ugly truths about blogging that no one likes to talk about so I am.

Here are things people don’t tell you about blogging:

  1. It is very time consuming
  2. It can cost you a little or a lot of money
  3. Other bloggers are greedy, mean, and in some cases very inconsiderate
  4. Growing a blog is hard work
  5. Sometimes you will have absolutely jack shxt to write about and will struggle to come up with something

I had to give myself a realistic production schedule. In a perfect world, I would like to post 3 times a week. In Breyona’s world, you get a post every Wednesday usually. I have found this to be adequate enough so that my readers have something of substance to read and not some bullshxt that is thrown together.


Some bloggers are not friendly

I have interacted with a lot of bloggers who are very friendly and willing to help and give great feedback on ways to improve etc without hesitation. Then there are ones who are not willing to help the little bloggers, who are self centered and all about their blog and them winning. I like to support other people, and I get that others are not always into helping people. I have seen some rude remarks when other bloggers ask for help, I have seen other bloggers asking for support and then not reciprocating the same support, and the list goes on. Don’t be that blogger. If you ask for support then give it back. Treat others how you want to be treated. Simply telling a blogger to Google something isn’t helpful either. Sometimes people prefer information from someone who has experienced the same things or someone they feel is more knowledgeable. Plus Google is confusing when you look up blogging related stuff. Another blogger may be able to simplify things. I personally feel a sense of pride and humbleness when another blogger asks me for help because it makes me feel like maybe I do know what I am doing.

Blogging groups

I highly encourage other bloggers to join various blogging groups on social media. These groups are very helpful when it comes to getting quick answers and sharing content. DO not get discouraged or intimidated if someone unfollows you after you have followed them. Sometimes this is by accident or they purposely did so for various reasons. You will not like everything someone shares, and that is OK. I do not feel it is okay to bash another blogger in the comments of their blogs etc. Some things should be done privately. There are apps that will show you who has unfollowed you etc but to be honest, I don’t even use those anymore. At this point if you unfollow IDC, if you follow and stay cool, you have a friend in me for life! (or until you unfollow lol)

Need pics?

Stock images are your friend! You will see that some stock images are used by other bloggers because they are free to use on certain stock photo sites. I personally like Pixabay and a few others. Some stock pics you have to pay for, but they are not too costly depending on which plan you opt into. I try to use my own pics and a mix of stock pics. Canva is good for creating banners etc for your blog if you suck at Photoshop like I do.


Always give credit to content that is shared that does not belong to you. Do not plagiarize other bloggers post because you will get caught and they will call you out. Simple as that. I have had it happen to me where I have seen other bloggers who follow me rip off my content and copy the types of things I share, and the way that I share them. I have had pictures of my cakes stolen and used on other sites, as well as pics of me and my husband have been taken very often and used on interracial dating sites advertisements. It’s not pretty when I find out you have stolen for me if you fail to get my permission beforehand. When in doubt watermark.

You have to spend money to make money

You will need to invest in your blog. This is your brand. Paying for hosting, images, advertisement, and so on. You can be cheap about this in the beginning, but eventually you will want to improve the quality of certain things.For example,this could be investing in a good camera and/or a professionally design website. I have found that a lot of bloggers actually don’t own an expensive DSLR camera. They use their cell phone and edit the pics and they look just as good 🙂

Just write

Your content should be unique. There are a million other blogs out there but you want yours to stand out. Be yourself. Write your heart out. No two blogs are alike, even though the niche is the same. You will attract people who share the same interests as you, people who are completely opposite of you, and people who may just be bored and want something new and good to read!

You never know who is reading!




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