The “lit” Marriage: Never stop dating

  Think back to your life before marriage and kids. You know the stage where you had titles or you were trying to snag that cutie as your own. When we first get with someone, we do whatever we can to fulfill their needs and desires to keep them happy. Fast forward to getting married … Continue reading The “lit” Marriage: Never stop dating


K.I.S.S Recipe: Spinach stuffed chicken breasts

Alright it's been a while since I have shared a K.I.S.S recipe. Remember the last one K.I.S.S Recipe: Casserole That Doesn’t Suck ? This one is super duper easy and def a crowd pleaser. The kids asked for seconds and the hubby inhaled his. This recipe is a easy way to sneak in some good green veggies … Continue reading K.I.S.S Recipe: Spinach stuffed chicken breasts

The “lit” Marriage: Love more, fight less

Every couple fights. If someone tells you that they don't then they are lying. There is nothing wrong with having disagreements and such here and there because it's normal. Most healthy couples argue. Some do it more often than others and that is okay too. Conflicts in the marriage can make or break the relationship. … Continue reading The “lit” Marriage: Love more, fight less