The “lit” marriage

Just a heads up: Several of my upcoming entries will be about marriage (or relationships in general). Even though this is a mommy blog, my happiness is one of the key ingredients to me being a good mommy and well overall. My love life comes up pretty often in conversations I have with other people. … Continue reading The “lit” marriage


There are plenty of fish in the sea

From time to time, I get little reminders of how I used to be before I became a mom. I used to be the person who always thought it wasn't really fair to other children when ONE or several kids have a food allergy, that the entire group "suffers" because they are limited on the … Continue reading There are plenty of fish in the sea

Every girl wants a man in uniform

  As a kid I loved the movie Top Gun and found myself obsessed with men in uniform. I watched practically like every military movie there is including the cult classic Full Metal Jacket.Movies about fire fighters and police officers, I was all over it. Something about those damn uniforms and ripped bodies and the … Continue reading Every girl wants a man in uniform