I’m Rocking Motherhood…In my own way

I have been doing this mommy thing for almost 8 years now and I have to say I have been winging it. No amount of books, articles, or Pinterest pins could prepare me for what I would face after peeing on my first positive pregnancy test. Up until recently, I really thought about how I have been rocking motherhood when I began to see the Rocking Motherhood challenge popping up on other mommy/parenting blogs. Thank you to fellow mommy blogger Jenni at Raising my little super heros for nominating me to complete the 10 Ways I’m Rocking Motherhood Challenge! When you have some time, go visit her blog to see what she had to say about how she is kicking ass at motherhood!


10 ways I am rocking motherhood


  1. I am the ringleader of the circus and I keep it running smoothly: When I became a mom I was a bit afraid of how I was going to manage one child and keep him alive. Fast forward almost 8 years and 4 more kids later and I have to say everyone is all over the place in what I like to call organized chaos.
  2. I get to put my psychology degree to hands on use: I deal with 5 different personalities at 5 different stages of development and there is never a dull moment. If there is a dull moment, someone is sick or something is wrong.
  3. I try to make the best of being a SAHM: Being a stay at home mom was never in my plans, but it happened and that is where I am at currently in life. It does f’n suck sometimes and sometimes it is the cats pajamas. I have found that it is what I make of it. I didn’t embrace it at first, but overtime I learned to embrace my new job title and kick ass. I may not be the perfect housewife or Susie homemaker, but I am great at procrastinating and last minute cleaning.
  4. I have become an expert at speaking toddler: My kids language is unique and even when no one else understands what they are saying I do. I can even understand other people’s tots from time to time.
  5. I know my children’s cries: It doesn’t matter if I am rocking out in the kitchen and they are outside, or if we are having a play-date with a million other kids. I know my children’s individual cries and will stop what I am doing when I hear it. Sometimes my husband will ask me “how the hell did you hear that?”. I can also decipher a “I am hurt” cry from a “I am not really hurt that bad” cry, a “fake” cry from a legit “you better get in here now” cry.
  6. I don’t always put them first and I am not ashamed of it: Mama has goals and a life to live. Yes, my priority is to make sure my children are well taken care of and such. However, sometimes I have to put myself first and I don’t feel bad about it at all. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Even though the type of person I am, I will find a way to put something in that damn cup.
  7. I stopped hiding to eat things that I don’t want to share: No means no. Leave me alone. It’s mine!
  8. I love and have embraced my postpartum body (even though it took 5 pregnancies for me to get to this point): Since I had my last baby one month ago, I have embraced my postpartum body. I hated it and refused to accept it after my previous pregnancies. This is the best I have ever felt about my body after I have had a baby.
  9. I make sure my children keep an open mind: My children are very tolerant of everyone’s individual differences and love exploring new cultures and trying new things. I grew up in a community that was not very diverse. I made it a point to raise my children in an environment where they can be open minded and not judged for it and be eager to explore the world around them.
  10. I may be rough around the edges but I am kicking ass the best way I know how: I am a mama with a lot of tattoos and gauged ears. I don’t look like most mommies walking around…well I do rock a messy bun from time to time and I do live in leggings. I may have a potty mouth, and sometimes a bad attitude; but I am raising some pretty awesome and respectable individuals. Motherhood may suck at times, but I try to make the best of it knowing that there are some individuals who will never get to experience this or miss out on experiencing this because life happens. I do love being a mom even on the crappiest days where nothing goes right and the stomach bug hits back to back. I do have my imperfections and I do find myself losing my shxt here and there; but hearing my children laugh, and seeing them smile, let’s me know that I am doing a decent job. The key is to never stop growing and learning. Parenthood is a learning experience. Being nurturing does not always come natural to some women, but it is the desire to learn and the effort put forth that really counts.

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Now that you know how I am rocking motherhood, I am going to nominate a few other mommy bloggers to complete the challenge!

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6 thoughts on “I’m Rocking Motherhood…In my own way

  1. Malissa // Quotation Re:Marks says:

    Way to go girl! I’m not a mother, but I love what you’re saying here.
    I love your #2 – I loved psychology in college and that’s awesome that you’re putting it to use with kids – I never thought of that! lol
    and your #10 – you have an awesome look, in my opinion! Mothers and women in general come in all shapes and sizes and you are definitely rockin’ your individual look! 🙂 awesome post!
    -MG https://malissagreenwood.com/


  2. Alicia Nicole @ Melanated Beautiful says:

    I have a five-month-old and I am definitely working on accepting my post-partum body. I plan to have more kids so I feel like any work I put into my body will be fruitless. It is encouraging, though, to see other moms accepting themselves as who they are! Salute to you, badass mom!


    • savagesevenblog says:

      Each time i had a baby i lost most of the weight but not all because I figured I’d have more kids so there was no point lol but this time the babies were super close together so i had weight on top of weight and now I’m paying for it lol


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