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Mommy Hack: The Magic of WD-40

WD-40 is one of my favorite household items that I always keep because of its many uses. WD-40 is not just for fixing squeaks! It actually has over 2,000 uses.


What is it?

WD-40 or awesomeness in a can is the brand name of the famous American made water displacing spray (That’s what WD stands for). This guy named Norm Larsen, who is the founder of Rocket Chemical Company, came up with this stuff. It is not patented which helps the company keep it’s true ingredients a secret from people who want to make their own WD-40 (how smart is that?!). It was originally made to repel water and prevent corrosion, but of course someone had nothing else to use one day and found out it had many household uses.

How Can you use it? 

One of my favorite uses for WD-40 is removing crayon scribbles off my painted wall oh and my husband lovely LCD TV. If you have bad-ass kids like me, you have had your walls, cabinets etc colored on. I really don’t know what’s the fascination with coloring on the walls for children but it seems to be their favorite pastime. I guess paper is not a big enough canvas to unleash toddler creativity.

How to remove crayon scribbles off the wall 

After you have a mini freak out, simply spray a little WD-40 onto an old cleaning cloth or paper towel if you aren’t fancy. Of-course test a small inconspicuous spot before you do this in case you have used some type of wall paint that won’t react well to this. Simply wipe the crayon scribbles. The crayon usually comes right off and if it doesn’t, that means it doesn’t like you and the parenting elements are against you. For older crayon marks that you just said, “screw it, I planned to repaint anyway”, you will need to put some effort into scrubbing it off. I like to use the WD-40 No-Mess Pen for crayon marks but those can be hard to find sometimes. I found that it is not as messy as the spray on version. Why make another mess? After you have cleaned off the crayon, you will need to wash your wall with some good old fashion soap and water to remove the WD-40. Presto!
Here is a video I made of me removing fresh crayon off the wall. The quality isn’t that great because this was back in my Youtube days!
Now you can move on to cleaning up the broken crayon pieces!
* This is simply a post sharing a mommy hack! This is not a paid sponsored post or an advertisement*