Biracial Hair…All not created equal

First off I am going to say this, I am by no means a beautician nor do I try to be. I do make parts crooked and sometimes my ponytails aren't even. Secondly, I do not know how to braid...yup I admit it proudly, I am a mama who does not know how to braid … Continue reading Biracial Hair…All not created equal


Perfectly Imperfect Family Portraits

We have made it our little family tradition to take family pics every year. I didn't do this often growing up, so this was something I wanted to be sure I did with my family on a regular basis. It mainly started when my great grandmother passed. When they were putting together the obituary, I thought … Continue reading Perfectly Imperfect Family Portraits

Kali’s 1st Birthday Party

We were super excited to celebrate Kali's first birthday. I had planned a Milk and Cookies themed play date to celebrate. We kept it the guest list small, but the details were picture perfect. I was crafty as usual and enlisted the help of some vendors from Etsy. I made her cake, cupcakes, rice krispy … Continue reading Kali’s 1st Birthday Party

Surviving 1st Birthday Parties

Aw baby's first birthday! It is such an exciting yet stressful time during the parenting adventures. We just survived our 4th first birthday party. When you have your first kid, the first birthday party is a BIG deal. Yes, your other babies first birthday parties are a big deal too, but the first time around … Continue reading Surviving 1st Birthday Parties

The Not So Blighted Ovum

Have you ever had your heart ripped out your chest and then placed back in there like nothing ever happened? I have and it’s a terrible feeling. When I found out I was pregnant with our 4th baby, I was a little surprised and unsure because of the test. The pregnancy test showed the line … Continue reading The Not So Blighted Ovum

Halloween: The “Devil’s Holiday”

I grew up in a pretty strict Christian household so certain holidays were not a free for all. One of those holidays was Halloween. For the longest as far back as I can remember, I was always obsessed with ghoulish things, Gothic culture, spooky shit, skulls, the color black and zombies. I would always hear … Continue reading Halloween: The “Devil’s Holiday”